ProperSix use technologies (such as cookies) that makes it possible to store and access information on your computer and other devices (such as mobile phone and tablet). We do this partly because the service will work and partly to make it easier for you to use the service.

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer and, for example, does not require you to log in every time you visit

The cookie does not identify you personally, just the browser installed on your computer and that you use during your visit. The cookie does not contain viruses, nor can it destroy other information on your computer.

We work with both session cookies and cookies. Session cookies contain an ID string to allow our servers to separate your browser from other web browsers. A session cookie is saved in memory as long as your browser is running. When you close the browser, the session cookie is removed. Corresponding cookies are stored on your computer's hard disk to a specified date and remain until they expire, overwrite new cookies, or delete manually.

We use cookies for automatic login and to collect traffic statistics on the site. The information collected may, for example, be information about which pages on you visited and how long you spend on the site. Such statistics contain no personal information.

The site also includes so-called third-party cookies from Google Analytics, which are used for statistics and traffic measurement purposes.

You have the right to say no that we store cookies on your computer or other devices but this means that for functional reasons you cannot use the site. You can also choose which level you want to accept cookies for your browser.

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